Home Appliance Services

Microwave Repair In Delhi

Every home-maker’s dream is to cook their family a delicious meal in a fabulous kitchen everyday.

Chimney repair

We are the Most Trusted service provider for all kinds of Chimney repair and service such as Sunflame , Glen , Fabiano , Kaff etc.

Gas stove / Hob repair

We are the Most Trusted service provider for all kinds of gas stove/HOB Repair & Service need.

AC service

Air conditioning our rooms always adds comfort to our life especially the night times. It soothes the surroundings as well as

Painting Work / Wall ceiling

KRC renovates your home & give it a different or new look. The attractions for painting a residential area are hard to miss.

Washing machine

We are the Most Trusted service provider for all Washing Machine Repair & Service need. We have a team of skilled and certified

Plumbing work

According to superstition, a leaking pipe or tap means your finances will flow out of the house. According to superstition,

RO Service

We are the Most Trusted service provider for all brand of RO in Repair & Service need. We have a team of skilled

Refrigerator repair

KRC’s innovative range of all types of Refrigerator Service & Repair, provide the ultimate in convenient organization and easy access.

Geyser / Room Heater /Oil Heater repair / Hand blende / Iron

No one can imagine a winter without a geyser now. To make sure the unit is working properly, professional repair services

Popper/Toaster /Griller

Every kitchen have Popper/Toaster and Griller. We use them for making yummy sandwiches etc

Saucepan/Pressure cooker

Pressure cooker & Saucepan is an important appliance that everybody have in their very own kitchen.

About Kitchen Repair Center

We are Delhi’s one-stop resource for getting the right repairs professional for your home appliance service’s needs: AC Repair, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Inverter, Water Dispenser, Chimney, Water Tank Cleaning, Gas Stove, Microwave and RO Service, AMC, Repair. Our objective is to create a top quality service organization by taking our Services, AMC and repair to the clients door steps. Additionally, we aim to become India’s largest repair service network. With the rising demand for accurate, timely and reliable services we have become one among the most effective repair and service Company in Delhi. We started this company with the goal to supply the most effective repairing service at affordable price to consumers in Delhi NCR


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I’m glad I decided to take your service”

Rakesh Arora

“I Know Kitchen Repair Centre from last 20 years. It always being a good experience.
Many congratulation for your new venture. Quick and professional service at an affordable
price. Keep it up.”

Sanjay khanna

“Its was my first experience, the Service staff was Nice and cooperative they gave us
service on time and I am fully satisfied with their work. My Complaint got resolve within one

 Neha Chetan Chawla