No one can imagine a winter without a geyser now. To make sure the unit is working properly, professional repair services must be hired. The chilly winters can be devastating and people get a perfect excuse not to get bathed and stay unhygienic. A geyser is one of those appliances that give us the actual stress if they stop working properly.

KRC Offers You :-

1.One step solution for all your Geyser Repair and Service need such as :-

  • Geyser Uninstallation/Removal:An appliance like a geyser also needs professional help to remove them or uninstall them in case of upgrading or shifting.
  • General Service:- KRC provide service of Geyser service that is needed at timely intervals. The general servicing of a geyser is needed every alternate year so it will not cost the person much.
  • Leakage in Geyser etc
  1. Damage Protection
  2. Lowest price guarantee as per other online portals/local market
  3.  Friendly, respectful professionals that arrive on time

5.Friendly, respectful professionals that arrive on time

6.Honest upfront pricing, No hourly pricing

7.Flexible appointment times that fit your schedule

8.45 days post  service guarantee

KRC offers professional Geyser Repair & Service. Call us to schedule your Geyser Service and Repair @9953662735.

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